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Cherry Ripe Gourmet Marshmallow
Cherry Ripe Marshmallow
Cherry Ripe Marshmallow 🍒🥥 6 Piece Tray
Cloud Theory Marshmallows

Cherry Ripe Marshmallow 🍒🥥 6 Piece Tray

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☁️🍒🥥 Meet our Cherry Ripe Marshmallow - 🤗 Made with REAL raspberry icing and completely coated in desiccated coconut. This is our take on the classic lamington in a marshmallow. You won't miss the sponge cake  ☁️🍒🥥.


Each tray comes with 6 pieces of Cherry Ripe Marshmallow (approx. 3.2x3.2.4cm in size). 

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Egg White, Gelatin [Beef], Golden Syrup, Cream of Tarter, Cherries (60%), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Food Acid (330), Natural Colour (163), Natural Flavour, Preservative (202, 211, 220). Food Colouring.

Contains Egg, Dairy

Two weeks shelf-life in ambient. 1 month refrigerated. Store below 21ºC away from light and heat. For optimal freshness, keep refrigerated and bring to room temperature before consuming.