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Oloe Shake - Strawberry 180ml
Oloe Shake

Oloe Shake - Strawberry 180ml

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🍓 Strawberry Surprise: Organic OLOE® Shake, a Plant-Based nutritional super snack for kids & adults. Packed with Protein, Prebiotic Fibre, Iron & more. Proudly made from real, Organic superfoods, seeds, healthy oils & vegetables. Smooth & delicious with no refined sugar. Fridge or pantry-ready!

🌱 Vegan Certified | Dairy Free | Gluten Free
😊 Perfect for fussy eaters & food intolerances
🧠 Supports physical, cognitive & digestive health
🎒 Convenient anytime: boost breakfast, lunchboxes & sports
☕️ Premium ingredients for less than a café coffee per Shake