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Spring Hill Farm Boodles 90g - Chocolate & Mint
Tony and Mark's

Spring Hill Farm Boodles 90g - Chocolate & Mint

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Keep it light and loaded with our boodles®; bite-sized delights.

We keep it light taking the crispy, natural goodness of seeds and grains, like quinoa, buckwheat, soy and rice crisps and smothering them in smooth, creamy chocolate with a minty twist. Ooh, and we do it with 50% less sugar*. Indulge in a tasty treat that feels good all over.

Being a regional Australian farming family our love for this  land  runs deep. We take pride in what we do and work fanatically to make delicious, responsibly-focused  delights. We know you’ll be as excited about the indulgent, natural goodness of boodles as we are. Enjoy!