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Tropical Brazil Acai Cream Granola 109g
Tropical Brazil

Tropical Brazil Acai Cream Granola 109g

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INGREDIENTS AÇAÍ: Organic açaí pulp (50%), guaraná syrup (26%), demerara sugar, water, natural guaraná extract, narural aroma of guaraná and acid citric (330), water, glucose syrup, stabilizers (412,466 and 417), *Contains Caffeine.

INGREDIENTS GRANOLA: Oat flakes, soy flakes, inverted sugar, brown sugar, textured soy protein, grated coconut, barley flakes, soybean oil, whey protein concentrate, wheat flakes, wheat bran, apple and honey.

*CONTAIN GLUTEN. ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains wheat products, barley, oats, soy and milk. May contain peanuts, almonds hazelnuts, cashews, chestnuts of Brazil and walnuts.